Walking Corpse (Oscariana invention)

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You can reanimate dead creaures to a semblance of life. The brain and higher fucntions are re-powered by electricity, but any intelligence the creature possessed is forever lost. It has a rudimentary intelligence similar to that of a horse, chicken or other dumb animal.

Normally, complete creatures are reanimated, but it is possible to replace damaged parts or even sew parts together to create an entirely new creature.

Reanimation is relatively simple once the body has been surgically repaired. Insert the corpse into the machine, inject the fluids, let them work for an hour while the machine administers a series of escalatig electric shocks. No part of the reanimatee can have been dead more days than the reliability of the process.

The machine requires a strong electric power source, and weights two tons. Each reanimation uses ten liters of precious fluids. A machine this size can reanimate human-sized corpses; larger corpses require proportionally larger machines and amounts of vital fluid.

A reanimated person has a score of 1 in Agility, 4 in Strength, 6 in Endurance and lacks the other attributes. It can only use skills at default values. A reanimated animal moves at half speed and has twice as many wounds and attack dice as a living one (round up). While looking like a stricthed-together corpse, the creature is technically alive, has a body temperature (altough lower than when it was alive), and needs to eat, breathe, and execrete. It cannot procreate and does not age. It cannot get sick or heal injuries, and accumulated wear will destroy it in a number of months of hard labor or a number of years of easy living equal to the reliability .