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A vampire bloodline is equivalent to a clan, but have a less illustrious founder. In particular, none of the known bloodlines trace themselves to an existing antediluvian.


Vampires that belong to a different sect than that of their clan are known as anti-tribu. Of these, a few have split enough to form new bloodlines, with different disciplines than the main clan.

Table: Bloodlines
Bloodline Bloodline Disciplines Sect
Baali Daimonion, Majesty, Obfuscate Infernal
City Gangrel anti-tribu Celerity, Protean, Resilience Sabbat
Daughters of Cacophany Melpominee, Majesty, Resilience Independent
Laibon Abombwe, Animalism, Resilience Independent
Lhiannan Animalism, Majesty, Ogham Exterminated
Lamia Deimos, Mortis, Vigor Exterminated
Malkavian anti-tribu Auspex, Nightmare, Obfuscate Sabbat
Samedi Auspex, Mortis, Resilience Independent
Salubri Auspex, Resilience, Valeren Either
Ventrue anti-tribu Auspex, Dominate, Resilience Sabbat


An ancient bloodline, with elders so strong and experienced that it's almost a Clan in its own right. Probably started as an offshoot of the Salubri that gave themselves to infernal powers. Their Daimonion is the only discipline that deals with "divine" magic, even of a less exalted kind.

Daughters of Cacophany (sp?)

The result of a psychological experiment in late 19th century Vienna. Their special discipline, Melpominée, is based around songs and sounds.


Believed to be an offshoot from the Gangrel, the Laibon are seldom seen outside of Africa.


The Lhiannan started as part of clan Gangrel, though neither party admits to the fact. They are hunted and hated by the church, the Shifters, the Gangrel, the Fey, and most Mages, all for varying reasons.

They survived through the middle ages with the protection of the Verbena Mages, but when these withdrew their support during the inquisition, the Lhiannan swiftly crumbled under the assault.

All Lhiannan were pagan females, and suffered from the Repulsed by Faith weakness. They also suffered a -4 penalty when trying to hide their true nature.


The Lamia was an offshoot of the Cappadocians. All Lamia were exterminated during the inquisition, as their bloodline weakness made them too dangerous to the emerging Masquerade. They all spread a virulent plague, somewhat like the Black Death.


Saulot, the Salubri antediluvian, is diablerized by Tremere about 1150 or thereabouts. After that they are systematically hunted down by the Tremere, and are soon reduced to an extremely rare bloodline in Camarilla territory. Their practice of forcing their childer to diablerize them no doubt helped to accomplish this. It has kept their blood strong, so all of the half-dozen Salubri that remain during the Victorian Age and End Times are the equivalent of ancilla in power. All remaining Camarilla Salubri know the Healer path of Valeren, renamed Obeah.

Among the Sabbat, where such Diablerie never took place, the Salubri anti-tribu remain rare but not under threat of extinction. On the other hand, they have lost all the strong blood, and all Salubri anti-tribu are neonates. All Salubri anti-tribu know the warrior path of Valeren.


The Cappadocian antediluvian are diablerized by his childer Augusto Giovanni during the inquisition. The combination of the inquisition's fires and the pressure from the emerging clan Giovanni drive the clan to effective extinction.

The survivors remain in hiding for centuries, before they emerge as the Samedi bloodline.

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