The Scourge

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Mission Briefing:

  1. Locate and contact local paladin Ofer of the Light.
  2. Assist Ofer against orc tribe The Red Fangs to gain local goodwill.
  3. As opportunity presents itself, question Arfas on information concerning The Scourge.
  4. Use information gained from Arfas to penetrate the The Scourge-infested region to gain information about the situation.
    1. If possible, terminate threat.

The team is a reduced half squad (4 marines) to conform to the social group "Adventurer".

Day 1

The team is teleported into a local wood, and proceeds towards to locate Ofer.

Day 2

The team leaves the wood and reaches the first village. The cover name "Sword of Lightning" is established.

Day 3

The team locate Ofer and receives information about The Red Fang and their modus of operandus. Nadine presents the team members as Bertrand the Decisive, Raz the Hasty and Caine the Philosophical, while she styles herself as "your humble servant, Nadine". The evening ends in a feast in honor of the team.

Day 4

The team is blessed in the local temple, and sets out to establish goodwill by smiting orcs. Following the tracks from the last village to be pillaged, the team comes upon the forest where the orc raiding party has returned into.

Day 5

Caine is detached for a scouting mission of a location suspected to be the home of an orc-shaman. The remaining three search out the holy ground and engage the shaman and her orcs. In the ensuing melee 7 orcs and two wargs were killed and the shaman rendered unconcious but was dragged from the battle by her warg familiar. The team tracks her by her staff, and tries to teleport to cut her off. The teleport misfires and the team is delivered to another part of the forest.

The team returns to the orc village and plans the assault. The hut of the chief is assaulted and both the shaman and the chief is defeated after a supringsingly short fight. The team retreats with the bounties.

Day 6-7

The team watches as the tribe starts to fall apart before returning to Ofer at Silver Creek. More information about the scourge is obtained during the following banquet.