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This template is used to display a ritual for 4th Edition Dungeon & Dragons.


  • name - name of ritual (required)
  • fluff - ritual fluff
  • level
  • componentcost - cost to use
  • category - one of: binding. creation, deception, divination, exploration, restoration, scrying, travel, warding
  • marketprice - cost to learn
  • time - time to use
  • keyskill - skill rolled
  • duration - how long it lasts
  • requirements - (optional) requirements. Hidden unless argument is used.
  • link - (optional) page link. If used, page lists shows this link rather than than a link to the ritual page.


Ritual name

Level: {{{level}}} Component Cost: {{{componentcost}}}
Category: {{{category}}} Market Price: {{{marketprice}}}
Time: {{{time}}} Key Skill: {{{keyskill}}}
Duration: {{{duration}}}

This text is not part of the template. It is included only as an indicator vertical space usage.