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This template is used to display a power for 4th Edition Dungeon & Dragon.


  • name
  • class
  • fluff - Power fluff.
  • use - How often the power can be used. Use one of At-Will, Encounter or Daily.
  • type - Type of power, such as "Attack" or "Utility
  • level - level of the power (optional)
  • action -
  • target - Type of attack, such as "Close", or "Melee or Range". Not to be confused with the Target: feature, that is part of the text, below.
  • range - Range of the attack, such as none, or "weapon"
  • text - Description of the power. Wiki markup is required for this.


Awesome Power
You open a can of whoop-ass.
{{{action}}}      {{{target}}}

This text is not part of the template. It is included only as an indicator vertical space usage.