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Alternative Restraints Table

The Bound Legs option is a bit more reasonable in this version. The old Bound Legs appears as Prone below. The name Hogtied for effect 4 was too specific.

  1. Immobilized, stuck to something (no movement), alternatively on a short leash which prevents movement beyond one or two meters. If you are stuck to a creature whose Body is greater than yours, you are forced along as it moves, otherwise you are both immobilized unless you cooperate.
  2. Bound Arms prevent most physical manipulation and the use of weapons and implements. You can still use a Tiny Ranged Weapon.
  3. Bound Legs Your Move is reduced to 1. (or up to 3 in less severe cases)
  4. Helpless (Hogtied, Tied to a pole, etc.) requires locked arms and legs; if this is not the case treat this as an arm or leg result instead (in that order). You fall prone and cannot stand up. This hinders most physical actions and you can move (at best) one meter as a standard action; no movement is otherwise allowed. Combine this with Immobilized and you are bound hand and foot to something, making movement impossible.
  5. Blindfolding restricts your awareness, giving you only a rough estimate of objects and creatures in a diameter equal to your Mind; you are insensitive to things beyond this range.
  6. Other Restraint. A palette of restricting conditions.
    1. Gagging prevents mundane speech.
    2. Hobbled means you cannot move as part of a normal Basic Action, and can only move your normal move when you do a Full Move action. (Bound Legs using a different rule mechanism)
    3. Prone Your legs are bound in a way that makes you fall prone and unable to stand unsupported, which prevents and hinders many actions as determined by the situation and stunt description. Your Move is reduced to 1. There is no easy way to bind legs to get this effect with arms still free.
    4. Handcuffing is when your hands are tied in front of you, but not so tightly as to make them completely unusable; you can still use weapons or tools of Medium size or smaller. This is mostly symbolic. Your captors don't expect you to resist.