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Arm Slot Items

Force Shield

Force Shield Level ? This bracer can project a shield of impenetrable force.

Property: This item can function as a small shield or large shield or just as a normal bracer. Changing the type of shield is a minor action.

Power (Encounter): Immediate Reaction. Use this power when an enemy makes a melee attack against you. Make a melee basic attack against that enemy, using any melee weapon you are wielding; if your result exceeds that of the attack roll against you, the enemy’s attack misses. The melee basic attack you make to block your enemy’s attack has no other effect and does not deal damage.

As a weapon effect, parrying and dynamic are both +1, but I made Parrying an encounter power, which is a big improvement.

Head Slot Items

Stalker's Mask

Stalker's Mask Level 11

These loose ribbons of skin can be worn as a flimsy and macabre headgear. It desaturates you and removes scent, making hiding easier. Once per day, it allows you to assume the guise of another race, but such a guise is always on the drab side.

Property: +2 item bonus to Stealth, and you can use stealth against creatures that could normally detect you by scent.

Power (At-Will ✦ Illusion): Standard Action. You gain the appearance of a poor and drab member of any humanoid race of the same size category as you, like a typical minion. Your clothing and equipment alter appearance to reflect this change. The illusion does not alter sound or texture, so a creature listening to you or touching you might detect the illusion. Gain a +5 item bonus to Bluff checks to pass off a disguise.