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Force Bonds

Basic Action

You conjure bands of pure force and use them to restrain a creature. Make an Impress check against the target's Dodge. On a success the target is partially bound and suffers one of the penalties noted below. On an Outcome matching the target's Reflexes he is more severely bound and suffers three of the conditions, or you can apply one restriction of your choice. Roll 1d6 for a random restraint, adding +1 for each previous restraint.

Physical restraint in Action does not completely prevent a hero from action, they impose handicaps to be overcome.

  1. Gagging prevents mundane speech. Stymies all Charm and Impress checks.
  2. Handcuffing is when your hands are tied in front of you, but not so tightly as to make them completely unusable; you can still use one hand effectively, such as using weapons or tools of Small size or smaller.
  3. Hobbling indicates restrained legs, but not fixed to each other. It means you cannot move as part of a normal Basic Action, and can only move your normal move when you do a Full Move action or otherwise do an action that grants extra movement..
  4. Immobilized, stuck to something, alternatively on a short leash which prevents movement beyond one or two meters. If you are stuck to a creature whose Body is greater than yours, you are forced along as it moves, otherwise you are both immobilized unless you two cooperate.
  5. Bound Legs you fall prone and cannot stand unsupported, which prevents and hinders many actions as determined by the situation and stunt description. Your Move is reduced to 1. Swimming and flying creatures are entangled, with similar effects.
  6. Bound Arms prevent most physical manipulation and the use of weapons and implements. You can still use tackles and head butts for (Body +0) damage or a Tiny Ranged Weapon, but limited to Close range.
  7. Blinded restricts your awareness, giving you only a rough estimate of objects and creatures in a diameter equal to your Mind; you are insensitive to things beyond this range. Everyone has enough concealment to Sneak on you, and against creatures beyond your perception range, you have to use Reflexes rather than Recon for defense against Recon stunts.
  8. (or more) Hogtie A hogtied character cannot act physically and can only move one meter as a standard action; no movement is otherwise allowed. This also prevents all Defense actions.

These restraints cannot be burst, but they can be dispelled, escaped with a Contortions stunt pitting Reflexes against your Impress. If your concentration is broken (typically a Setback) the force bonds disappear. If they take damage matching twice your Impress they disappear, but you can choose to take a Trigger Action to sustain the force bonds, exerting yourself to increase the limit to three times your Create for the current shot. Weapons larger and more unwieldy than a dagger take an attack penalty equal to their damage add when attacking force bonds.

Someone held in Force Bonds cannot teleport.

Force Cage

Limit Break

You create a cage to imprison a creature in an immobile cage of power. The cage is transparent and permits conversation. No powers or attacks can bypass it but it can be destroyed. If it takes damage matching twice your Impress it disappears, but you can choose to take a Trigger Action to sustain the force cage, exerting yourself to increase the limit to three times your Impress for the current shot. It can be broken with a Feat of Strength by Body matching your Impress. If your concentration is broken (typically a Setback) the force cage disappears.

You must make an Impress attack against the creature's Dodge to imprison a creature. Creatures can be summoned to appear inside the cage; this is automatically successful. The cage can be used to protect allies, objects, and bystanders as well as imprison foes. It can also protect against extremes of weather and environment.

Force Prison


You create a cage to imprison a creature in an mobile cage of power, slightly larger than the creature. The effect is similar to Force Cage except that it is a Curse, invulnerable to brute force, and that you can move the prison with a Move equal to your Mind as a Basic Action. The creature inside does not need to consume or excrete anything.


Basic Action or Finisher

Make an opposed Impress roll, on a success the target's Move suffers a penalty of -1 until the end of the scene. This can be increased by various factors.

  • If the attack scores an Outcome matching the target's Move, the penalty is increased by two.
  • If performed as a Finisher, the penalty is increased by two and the effect is a Curse - including any previous Slow results.

The target also loses as many shots as the penalty, with a minimum of three shots lost.