Streets of Bedlam

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Streets of BedlamStreets of Bedlam

Bedford and Lamrose. Two sides of the same river. Two sides of the same coin. One, an affluent metropolis teeming with industry and aspiration. The other, a cesspool of crime and vice. Both dirty, both begging for the match that will set this whole city on fire.

Bedford and Lamrose. Locals call this place Bedlam. It's a fitting name.

Streets of Bedlam is equal parts neo-noir, pulp detective fiction, and a bit of the ol' ultraviolence thrown into a cement mixer and poured on top a heap of nameless bodies no one will ever miss.

This is a resource page for our local Bedlam campaign. It is currently on hold, but will return after the release of the next scenario supplement.[1]

Brandon, Valkyrie
Henry Cornbelt, Badge
Martin Philips, Bulldog
Sister Belinda, Samaritan
Tetsuo, Monster



Brandon is a male, if androgynous, Valkyrie. He frequently appears as a woman professionally.

Henry "Hank" Cornbelt (Badge)

A good cop in a bad town.

Martin Philips (Bulldog)

I used to wear a badge. I used to play the game. I was clean but I played the game. Untouchables. Connections. Public saints with putrid trails.

I got soft. I played the game, I got soft and I let her go. The Riverside Stabber. Five fresh corpses since. I got soft, but no more. I will find her again. I will find her and get my atonement.

The force is a part of the game. I will not play that game anymore. I may still be a pawn but now the game is mine. A case. A solution. A paycheck. No more.

Sister Belinda (Samaritan)

Nun by day, crime fighter by night.

Runs a small soup kitchen for the righteous poor. A slightly shaded past with paper trail starting at the age of 27. Driven by the need to help others and punish the wicked she usually doles out her own brand of justice with her trusted baseball bat. Always on the lookout for people in need she often gets drawn into the underworld of Bedlam.

Tetsuo Watanabe (Monster) †

Tetuso ("Iron Man") Watanabe is a former Yakuza enforcer. He was killed and dumped in the Artifice river by Sister Belinda after he killed two security guards.


Notepad.png This is a work in progress.
  • Does a Body Good
  • Death in Bedlam
  • Pusher
  • Eli Mendoza Must Die
  • Pusher II


Savage Worlds Deluxe and Streets of Bedlam. See below for local changes.

Setting Rules

The following setting rules from the core book are used. See p. 108 of Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer's Edition for more information.

Blood and Guts

Bennies can be spent to reroll damage!

Jokers Wild

When a Joker is drawn, everyone gets a benny!


A character knows English plus a number of additional languages equal to half his Smarts die. Languages can be left unassigned, so the character can learn new languages in play. If the plot demands it, perhaps he has always known it!


Kevlar: The special rules for Kevlar ("negates up to 4 points of AP") are not used. This makes it less important to wear armor and speeds up play.


Katana: Str+d6 damage, +2 if used in two hands (from Realms of Cthulhu).

Baseball Bat: Str+d6 damage (from Realms of Cthulhu).

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  1. ^ The Game Master consulted on The Devils from Dublin.

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