Spellcraft (Horror)

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Spellcraft (Int)

Trained only. Use this skill to identify spells as they are cast or spells already in place.

Check: You can identify spells and magic effects.

Additionally, certain spells allow you to gain information about magic provided that you make a Spellcraft check as detailed in the spell description.

Try Again?: See above.

Time: Unless otherwise indicated, using the Spellcraft skill is a move action.

DC Task
15 + spell level Identify a spell being cast. (You must see or hear the spell’s verbal or somatic components.) You can’t try again.
15 + spell level Learn a spell from a spellbook or scroll. You can’t try again for that spell until you gain at least 1 rank in Spellcraft.
15 + spell level Prepare a spell from a borrowed spellbook. One try per day.
15 + spell level When casting detect magical aura, determine the school of magic involved in the aura of a single item or creature you can see. (If the aura isn’t a spell effect, the DC is 15 + one-half caster level.)
20 + spell level Identify a spell that’s already in place and in effect. (You must be able to see or detect the effects of the spell.) You can’t try again.
20 + spell level Identify materials created or shaped by magic, such as noting that an iron wall is the result of a wall of iron spell. You can’t try again.
20 + spell level Decipher a written spell (such as a scroll) without using read magic. One try per day.
25 + spell level After rolling a saving throw against a spell targeted at you, determine what spell was cast upon you. This is a reaction.
25 Identify a potion. This takes 1 minute.
30 or higher Understand a strange or unique magical effect. You can’t try again.