Song of Blades and Heroes

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Song of Blades and Heroes
Song of Blades and Heroes

Song of Blades and Heroes is a fast play fantasy skirmish game by Ganesha Games that can be played with generic miniatures. The game uses three measuring sticks (called Short, Medium, and Long) to measure all distances. An average game lasts 30–45 minutes. A small campaign, a series of linked games played using the same miniatures, can be played in a single evening.


We are currently testing the rules using 300 point warbands as recommended for beginners.


Local campaigns will use the extended campaign rules in Song of Deeds and Glory. In order to allow for Mordheim style warbands with several heroes, one third of the models in a warband can be personalities.[1] The idea is to use existing Mordheim warbands with standard Song of Blades and Heroes profiles as far as possible. This will not be a campaign set in the Old World of Warhammer, so other miniatures can be used.[2]

See the talk page for more information.


We use the optional follow up rule on page 16 of the 5th edition rulebook.


  1. ^ This is used instead of the normal one third point limit on personalities. Note that not all heroes in Mordheim are personalities in Song of Blades and Heroes'!
  2. ^ Warmachine and D&D Miniatures are obvious candidates.

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