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Some skills are in need of revision for this campaign, and there are some general rules for skills.

Obsolete Skills

* Stealth
* Pilot

New Skills

Skill Combinations

There are many tasks that seem to fall between two of the current skills. Is playing the organ Mechanist/Machinist or Theatrics? Is spotting an artifact Science/Archeology or Observation? The answer here lies in skill combinations.

Basically, this is where one skill is a prerequisite for a tasks, that is goverened by another skill. You cannot spot the artefiact unless you have enough Science/Archeology to know its significance, but Observation is still the skill used. You cannot operate an organ unless you have Mechanist/Machinist, but Theatrics is still the ability to make an evocative performance.

In thiese cases, the skill rolled cannot be more than twice as high as the prerequisite skill. A character with Science/Archeology 1 cannot benefit from an Observation skill higher than 2.

In many cases, another person can provide the prerequisite. Once the professor shows a drawing of the artifact, anyone can find it. If you have a trimsman on your aircraft, it only takes machinist skill to operate.

Typical skill combinations

Task Prerequisite skill Skill rolled
Tightrope performance Stealth Theatrics
Stage magic Crime (pickpocket) Theatrics
Flying an aeroplane Trimsman Mechanics (steam)
Leading foreign troops Linguistics Leadership
Firing in close combat * Close combat Marksmanship
Fighting from horseback * Riding (horse) Any combat skill
Scientific debate Science Eloquence
* This replaces the old rule governing this situation

Skill Developement

These skills have had their descriptions expanded.