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Scandinavia is composed of two sovereign states, Sweden and Denmark, each with several client states and territories.


Administration 5 Production 10 Stability 4


  • Administrative accountability
  • Stock Exchange
  • Constitutional Monarchy
  • Mandatory Education




An independent country, presently without a sovereign. Popular opinion in Denmark favors the Swedish Crown Prince Oscar. Narrowly saved by Swedish intervention in the war with Prussia-Austria, Danish national pride has taken a severe blow. Traditionally a rich agricultural country with a strong navy, Denmark has a good sizable navy, both civilian and military, primarily built in England. They also have rich trading posts but have been slow to industrialize.


Formerly a part of Denmark, now a semi-independent state in a union with Sweden. Norwegians are split in two groups; nationalists and Pan-Scandinavians. The later have been greatly heartened by the warming relationship between Denmark and Sweden.


Since 1818 Finland is a separate nation under Swedish dominion. Finland has a separate parliament but also has a Swedish governor. There is a conflict between Finnish and Swedish groups here, the Finns generally seeking more independence and the Swedes seeking more integration.

North Atlantic Territories

Grönland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands are territories of Denmark, though Norway has lately laid claims to it with the rising awareness of the importance of overseas territories.

German Provinces

Bremen and Holstein are Danish possessions, recently absorbed into Denmark. They were previously semi-independent duchies held by the Danish royal house. Pomerania is a Swedish province. These are a constant source of trouble with Prussia and a source of Anarco-Nationalists.

New Sweden

Vinland as it is recently being called, consists of what is in our world New England, Newfoundland and other parts of western Canada. This area was held with English aid in competition with Dutch interests. There is presently a huge wave of emigrants from all over Scandinavia to this area. The people of this area maintain close ties to the USA and vere instrumental in aiding the Union during the civil war.

Siam and Nya Österled

Asiatic colonies and client states respectively. Nya Österled is a series of trading posts and colonial possessions in the sea north of Australia; Samoa and Taiwan being strong points in this area. Siam is the kingdom of Thailand, and independent nation under heavy Danish influence.


While not in any way allied to Scandinavia, the Hellenes have a Danish prince as their king. Depending on how the question of Danish succession is handled, Greece might end up either hostile or closely allied.