Reconstructed Man (Oscariana invention)

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It is possible to re-create man (or woman) using the parts of deceased individuals. This process involves gathering fresh parts from the finest corpses available and carefully stitching them together. Once this is finished, a series of elixirs and electrical shocks brings the creature to life.

Each such reanimation is unique, only one creature can be made each time the process is completed - in effect each individual reconstructed man is a separate invention.

Make a reliability roll; this becomes the creature's score in each attribute. While they lack proper Social Standing, they do have the grace and bearing associated with the attribute. All skills default to half this value. While looking like a stitched-together corpse, the creature is technically alive, has a body temperature (although lower than when it was alive), and needs to eat, breathe, and excrete. It cannot procreate and does not age. It cannot get sick or heal injuries, and accumulated wear will destroy it in a number of years equal to the reliability. It is possible to keep going by replacing parts as they wear out, but that is outside the scope of this invention.

Reanimated Men are often alien and different in outlook. They keep no distinct memories of their past selves, but elements of each constituent body part lingers. A reconstructed with the hands of a pianist will enjoy playing the piano. Often urges or impulses from earlier life will come to the surface after a time and cause odd behavior, inner turmoil, perhaps even madness. This is especially true of more successful reconstructed men.

If the inventor limits himself to parts from one certain corpse - such as an attempt to reconstruct a loved one - no attribute in the reconstructed man can exceed what that person had when alive.