Ranged Disarm

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World of d20d20 Modern Horror

You can shoot a weapon out of somebody’s hand.

Prerequisites: Point Blank Shot, base attack bonus +2

Benefit: Choose a ranged weapon in which you are proficient. With that weapon only, you may use the disarm action at range so long as you are within 30 feet of the target. You make an attack roll against the weapon. If the weapon is held in two hands, it gets a +2 bonus to its Defense. If your attack succeeds, the weapon falls to the ground. Unlike normal disarm attacks, ranged disarm attacks work the same against melee weapons and ranged weapons. Since it is a ranged attack, this kind of disarm attempt provokes an attack of opportunity from adjacent characters normally, but if you fail, the target does not get to make a disarm attempt against you.

You can also use a ranged weapon to disarm an opponent adjacent to you. When used in this fashion, not only does your disarm attempt provoke an attack of opportunity, but if you fail the adjacent target is allowed to make a disarm attempt against you as a free action.

Normal: You cannot make a disarm attempt with a ranged weapon, you can only attack the weapon as you would any other object.

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