Psicraft (Horror)

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World of d20d20 Modern Horror

Psicraft (Int)

Trained only. Use this skill to identify psionic powers as they manifest or psionic effects already in place.

Check: You can identify psionic powers and effects.

DC Task
15 + power level Identify a psionic power as it manifests. (You must sense the power’s display or see some visible effect to identify a power.) You can’t try again.
20 + power level Identify a power that’s already in place and in effect. (You must be able to see or detect the effects of the power.) You can’t try again.
20 + power level Identify materials created or shaped by psionics. You can’t try again.
30 or higher Understand a strange or unique psionic effect. You can’t try again.

Try Again?: See above.

Time: Unless otherwise indicated, Psicraft is a move action.