Planet Ambramagain (Dragonstar)

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A white dwarf system technically outside the Dark Zone, but surrounded by it on all sides and thus lacking stars in it's night sky. The one inhabitable planet is technically outside the (tiny) habitable zone, but because it is tidelocked the side facing the sun is actually habitable. The orbit is eccentric, and the seasons on this world depend on the distance to the sun rather than on the planet's axial tilt.

A small colony of humans and gnomes subsist on this world, at a Victorian level of development. Feral elves, frost giants and ogres are known to live in the hinterlands along with many cold-adapted dire animals. All-in-all, Planet Ambramagain has a surprisingly complete ecosystem considering it's absurd climate. The main export is vegetables grown in lighthouses, freshwater ice of various exotic varieties, and heavy metals that can be found and mined in abundance here.

Though this planet lies in House Noros territory, it is managed by House Altara, and the governor is a local white dragon, Acessiwal (see Dungeon # 87) - though his governance is usually limited to taking tribute, some raiding, and keeping the frost giants in check.

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