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Greyhawk for 4E


God of the sun and summer, Pelor is a god of life. He supports those in need and opposes all that is evil. As the lord of agriculture and the bountiful harvest, he is the deity most commonly worshiped by ordinary humans, and his priests are well received wherever they go. Paladins and rangers are found among his worshipers. He directs his followers thus:

  • Alleviate suffering wherever you find it
  • Bring Pelor’s light into places of darkness, showing kindness, mercy, and compassion
  • Be watchful against evil.

Pelor is the main lover of Beory in the Flan myths, and derives many of his powers from her. To Oerdians, she is known as Sotillion, the goddess of summer and comfort. His exarchs tend to focus on one of aspects – fire, agriculture, or fighting evil. Mayahene is an ascended paladin of Pelor and defender of good. Python is the Suel god of nature, beauty, and farming, while Joramy is the Suel goddess of fire, volcanoes, righteous wrath, and unbending will. Velnius is the Oerdian god of the sky and overseer of the seasons, mediator of the wind gods.

Sun's Radiance Feat Power
When undead creatures abound, the sun’s radiance shines to aid the faithful.
EncounterDivine, Implement, Radiant
Standard Action      Close Burst 1 (3 at 11th level, 5 at 21st level)
Target: Each undead creature in burst.

Attack: Wisdom vs. Will

Hit: 1d12 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage, and the target is stunned until the end of your next turn. Increase damage to 2d12 at 5th level, 3d12 at 11th, 4d12 at 15th, 5d12 at 21st, and 6d12 at 25th.