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Mystery MenMystery Men
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Mystery Men is a workbench for a street level crimefighting and superhero campaign for Savage Worlds.

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Let evildoers beware!


The campaign takes place in a big city in the United States circa 1938 to 1955 (the "golden age"). This offers opportunity for fighting criminals, Nazi and Communist spies, and alien invaders!


The heroes can be masked mystery men such as Domino Lady or the Sandman, two-fisted private investigators, bored dilettantes, intrepid reporters, or weird scientist. They need not have super powers, and can instead gain their exceptional abilities from gadgets, training, or luck and determination.


Savage Worlds Deluxe with the Super Powers Compendium.

  • Street Level heroes.
  • No Super Karma.
  • No Natural Growth.
  • Novice heroes (0 XP).


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