Moradin (Greyhawk 4E)

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Greyhawk for 4E

Lawful Good

Moradin is the god of creation, slayer of monsters, and patron of artisans, especially miners and smiths. He carved the mountains from primordial earth and is the guardian and protector of the hearth and family. Dwarves from all walks of life follow him. He demands these behaviors of his followers:

  • Meet adversity with stoicism and tenacity.
  • Demonstrate loyalty to your family, your clan, your leaders, and your people.
  • Strive to make a mark on the world, a lasting legacy. To make something that lasts is the highest good, whether you are a smith working at a forge or a ruler building a dynasty.

Moradin is known as Flandal to the gnomes. He has exarchs in almost every culture, who generally focus on a few of his functions, usually as patron of the crafts. St Cuthbert is a prophet of discipline and work ethic and the most famous aspect among humans. Cyrrollalee is the halfling goddess of trust and protection, Bleredd is the Oerdian god of mines and smiths, Fortubo the Suel god of metal and mountains, while Dalt is the chaotic Suel god of locks and lockpicking, and by extension of other crafts. Daern is a recent exarch, a mortal risen to become the goddess of fortification.

Blessed Resolve Feat Power
Puts the small on more equal footing with the large.
Minor Action      Personal
Effect: Until the end of your next turn, you gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls against Large or larger creatures, as long as they are larger than you are.