Miniaturization (Oscariana invention)

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Revering the normal trend of making things larger and more powerful, miniaturisation creates clockwork models of normal devices. Creating a device at about 1/10 of normal size and about 1/1000 of the normal mass.

Such a device only has 1/100 of the normal capacity the device when it comes to carrying capacity etc, but in terms of information capacity and other more subtle aspects it operates of 1/2 of normal. So a miniaturized phonograph can record about 15 minutes of speech while a miniaturized vehicle travels at half speed.

Most devices the inventor has personally invented can now be miniaturized, at the GMs discretion. The reliability of the miniature device is the lower of the original device design and the reliability of the miniaturization process.

A miniaturized device costs the same as a full-size one, but takes twice as long to manufacture.