Master of Shrouds (Dragonstar)

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Sponsored by either The Reaper or The Adversary, a Master of Shrouds is a dangerous necromancer of great power and utility. Such a powerful character is naturally highly valued by House Asamet.

New Class Skills: Research (Int).

Revised and Clairified class abilities

The class abilities of the Master of Shrouds are written in a confusing manner. Here are some changes and clarifications.

Rebuke Undead: A Master of Shrouds rebukes undead as an evil cleric of his class level, and this stacks with any other ability to rebuke undead the character might have.

Revised Base Attack Bonus progession: The Master of Shrouds get +1 base attack bonus every two class levels.

Added Spells: The Master of Shrouds adds the spells in the Master of Shrouds Spell List to their available repertoire of spells. There are all divine spells to the Master of Shrouds.

Prestige Classes