Mage of the Arcane Order (Dragonstar)

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The ultimate wizard's order in the empire is the Imperial Society. Most wizards strive to be members of this prestigious order. But few qualify for the order's inner circle, to become an elite Mage of the Arcane Order.

Wizards of the Imperial Society are generally treated with more respect than other wizards, and face little prejudice or bias. This applies even more to the inner circle.

New Class Skills: Navigate (Int), Research (Int).

Increased Fees: Because of the high status of the Imperial Society, all fees mentioned in Tome & Blood are multiplied by ten. This is in addition to the usual fee of 1000 cr per caster level per year. A member of the Imperial Legions or services on active duty has the normal 1000 cr per anum membership fee vaived as a part of the dues paid by the Imperial Society, but the special fees related to to this class must still be paid.

New Limitation: The Imperial Society has found it impractical to put itself into a spellpool debt towards it's members. Thus, positive spellpool balances are not allowed or credited. Also, in order to avoid congestions by multiple selections of the same spell, only one casting of a particular spell counts against your spellpool balance.

Sorcerers Beware: A sorcerer who joins is in for some serious humiliation. No longer will he be considered one of the gifted few, but instead as merely another worker in the great magical mill. Nor can he benefit from the New Spell class ability.

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