Lolth (Greyhawk 4E)

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Greyhawk for 4E

Chaotic Evil

Lolth is the chaotic evil goddess of darkness, envy, spiders, and the new moon. Scheming and treachery are her commands, and her priests are a constant force of disruption in the otherwise stable society of the evil drow. Though she is properly a goddess and not a demon, she is called Demon Queen of Spiders. She demands that her followers:

  • Do whatever it takes to gain and hold power.
  • Rely on stealth and slander in preference to outright confrontation.
  • Forgive no slight and leave no wrong unpunished.

Lolth has exarch among other peoples, both humanoids and monsters, tough her drow followers would never admit their goddess gives power to others. Kurell is the Oerdian god of jealousy, revenge, and theft. Syrul is the Suel goddess of Lies, deceit, and treachery.

Spider's Gait Feat Power
You scuttle through the shadows like a deadly spider.
Move action      Personal
Effect: Shift 1 + your Charisma modifier squares.