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Anything, anywhere, can be a source of phobia, no matter how foul or harmless. That said, most phobiacs fear the classics - spiders, snakes, heights, and other things that killed our ancestors.

Real-World Phobias

The following list provides examples of phobias from the real world that lend themselves to inclusion in a d20 campaign.

Certain real-world phobias can easily be broadened to include monstrous creatures and specific magic effects in a fantasy environment. For example, ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) could be extended to include medusae and other snakelike creatures, or ichthyophobia (fear of fish) could be extended to include aquatic creatures with fishlike qualities, such as the locathah and the sahuagin.

Table: Real-World Phobias
Phobia Fear of…
Acrophobia heights (formerly known as vertigo)
Aerophobia wind
Agoraphobia open places
Ailurophobia cats
Androphobia men (males)
Astrophobia stars
Autophobia being alone
Bacteriophobia bacteria (“germs”)
Ballistophobia bullets
Bathophobia deep submerged places
Bibliophobia books
Blennophobia slime
Brontophobia thunder
Cenophobia empty rooms
Chionophobia snow
Claustrophobia enclosed spaces
Demophobia crowds
Dendrophobia trees
Entomophobia insects
Equinophobia horses
Gephyrdrophobia crossing bridges
Gynephobia women (females)
Hamartophobia sinning or making an error
Haphephobia being touched
Heliophobia sunlight or the sun
Hematophobia blood or bleeding
Hydrophobia water
Hypnophobia sleep
Iatrophobia doctors (healers)
Ichthyophobia fish
Maniaphobia going insane
Monophobia being alone
Musophobia mice (and rats)
Necrophobia dead things
Nyctophobia night or nightfall
Odontophobia teeth
Onomatophobia a certain name, word, or phrase
Ophidiophobia snakes
Ornithophobia birds
Pediphobia children
Phagophobia eating
Phonophobia noise, including one’s own voice
Pyrophobia fire
Scotophobia darkness
Spectrophobia mirrors
Taphephobia being buried alive
Teratophobia monsters
Thalassophobia the sea
Tomophobia surgery
Uranophobia the heavens (“the horrible gaping sky!”)
Vermiphobia worms
Xenophobia foreigners or strangers
Zoophobia animals

Fantastic Phobias

With some imagination and a little knowledge about how “phobia” terms are formed (most come from ancient Greek words), it’s possible to come up with a list of phobias tailored to a fantasy setting. The following list is provided as a starting point.

Table: Fantastic Phobias
Phobia Fear of…
Arcuophobia bows
Aurophobia gold
Aberraphobia aberrations and creatures with tentacles
Bogyphobia demons and goblins
Demonophobia demons
Dracophobia dragons
Confodiophobia being stabbed
Faephobia fey
Gigaphobia giants and Large or larger creatures
Hadephobia hell
Hagiophobia saints and holy relics
Hierophobia priests and sacred items
Incantophobia enchantment and mind control
Iophobia poison
Manaphobia magic
Materiophobia constructs
Myxophobia oozes
Naturaphobia nature and druids
Planarphobia outsiders and extraplanar creatures
Plantaphobia plants and plant creatures
Phantasmaphobia specters or ghosts
Pneumatophobia incorporeal creatures
Uranophobia heaven (esp. divine magic)

Modern Horror

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