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The Life Sciences skill replaces Investigate, Knowledge (earth and life sciences), and Craft (pharmaceutical).

Life Sciences (Int)

Biology, botany, genetics, archaeology, xenobiology, medicine, and forensics.

Common Knowledge (DC 10): You can answer a basic question about a related subject.

Expert Knowledge (Trained Only): You can make a swift action to answer a related question that requires some level of expertise. The DC varies from 15 (for simple questions) to 25 (for tough questions).

You can reroll a failed knowledge check if you have access to research materials. This takes 1d4 hours. The DC of the retry check will be at +5 to +15, depending on the size of your research library.

Mix Drugs (Trained Only; Requires Tools): You can compound medicinal drugs to aid in recovery from treatable illnesses. A medicinal drug gives a +2 circumstance bonus on Fortitude saves made to resist the effects of a disease.

The DC is based on the severity of the disease to be countered as measured by the DC of the Fortitude save needed to resist it.

Disease Fortitude Save DC Purchase DC Craft DC Time
14 or lower 5 15 1 hr.
15–18 10 20 3 hr.
19–22 15 25 6 hr.
23 or higher 20 30 12 hr.

Analyze Clue (Trained Only; Requires Tools): As a full-round action, you can make a Life Sciences check to apply forensics knowledge to a clue. This does not give you clues where none existed before. It simply allows you to extract extra information from a clue you have found.

The base DC to analyze a clue is 15. It is modified by the time that has elapsed since the clue was left, and whether or not the scene was disturbed.

Circumstances DC Modifier
Every day since event (max modifier +10) +2
Scene is outdoors +5
Scene slightly disturbed +2
Scene moderately disturbed +4
Scene extremely disturbed +6

Collect Evidence (DC 15; Trained Only; Requires Tools): You can collect and prepare evidentiary material for a lab. This takes 1d4 minutes.

To collect a piece of evidence, make a check. If you succeed, the evidence is usable by a crime lab. If you fail, a crime lab analysis can be done, but the lab takes a –5 penalty on any necessary check. If you fail by 5 or more, the lab analysis simply cannot be done. On the other hand, if you succeed by 10 or more, the lab gains a +2 circumstance bonus on its checks to analyze the material.

This skill does not provide you with evidentiary items. It simply allows you to collect items you have found in a manner that best aids in their analysis later, at a crime lab.

Special: You can take 10 on a Life Sciences check, but you can only take 20 if you have access to a research library. If you take 20 on a Mix Drugs check you use up 20 times the normal amount of ingredients.

It is impossible to take 20 when collecting evidence.

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