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Lady Red's noteworthy Items so far...

Hoop Skirt
Actually she has several, both skirts and pocket hoops, but the point is she's dressed in one most of the time.

Handy Haversack
She has one of those very practical magical bags. It's usually fitted in her right pocket hoop under her skirt. By putting a slit among the folds on top of the skirt she still have easy access to the handy haversack.

Corset of Constitution (+2)
Made out of the finest Zindian silk, sewn with the latest fashion of Greyhawk as a model. It will probably be improved over time, to +3 or +4, and so on.

Ear drops of Intellect (+2) and Remembrance
These are two large golden ear drops decorated with a ruby each, that she has enchanted herself. They will probably be improved over time, to +3 or +4, and so on.

Garters of levitation and Dexterity (+2)
The magical Item she's most proud of is her Garters of Levitation, but few have ever seen them. They are crimson with white feathers embroidered. They also boost dexterity and will probably be improved over time, to +3 or +4, and so on.

Ring of Counterspells
A ring worn on her left pinky, usually prepared with a fireball spell.

Ring of Protection (+2)
A golden ring worn on her right pinky.

An ordinary looking stone.

Ioun Stone, Dull Gray
With continual flame, a hands-free perpetual light source.

Ioun Stone, Dusty rose
A dusty rose prism that provides +1 insight bonus to AC.

Perl of Power
A normal looking pearl that recharges a 3rd level spell once per day.

Blessed Book
1000 pages free to inscribe.


Stuff to get. Probably not very easy to get hold of when on the long journey to Isle of Dread.

Magic Items

  • Ring of Freedom of Movement (40,000) CL 7.
  • Cape of protection +3 (18,000 gp) CL 9.
  • Ear drops of Intellect +3 (+5,000 gp) CL 9.
  • Corset of Constitution +4 (+12,000 gp) CL 12.
  • Garters of levitation and Dexterity +4 (+12,000 gp) CL 12.
  • Ioun Stone, Orange (30,000 gp) +1 caster level. CL 12.
  • Robe of the Archmagi (75,000 gp) +5 armor bonus to AC, Spell resistance 18, +4 resistance bonus on all saving throws, +2 enhancement bonus on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance. CL 14.
  • Ear drops of Intellect +5 (+16,000 gp) CL 15.
  • Decanter of Endless Water (9,000 gp) The Decanter has a thousand uses beyond just providing drinking water. Put out fires with it. Use it as a jet propulsion system for a small boat. Create sophisticated hydraulic technologies using it as a power source. CL 9.
  • Ring of Spell Storing, Minor (18,000 gp)
  • Wand of lesser vigor (750 gp)
  • Rod of Magical Precision (Complete Mage, 12,000 gp)

In fact, I'd say that arcane fusion/greater arcane fusion is a good thing to have in a staff.

Non magic items

  • Dust of Dryness pellet
  • Everlasting rations
  • Replenishing skin

Locations to fill

d20 Body Slot Gear Affinity Effect Worth
1 Head Eardrop Mental improvement +2 Int + Eardrop of Remembrance 2,000 + 2,250
2 Face Small glasses on a chain, Veil on Hat Vision (Shadow Mask) (Dragonvision)  ? + ?
3 Torso Vest Class ability improvement (of Wizardry ?)
(Vest of the Archmagi)
 ? / (100,000)
Shirt Physical improvement
4 Shoulders Cape Transformation, protection
5 Throat Amulet, brooch, medallion, necklace, periapt, scarab Protection, discernment (Amulet of Fortune Prevailing) + (natural armour) 3,000 + ???
6 Arms Bracelets Allies
7 Hands Gloves Quickness (of Arrow Snaring) (2,000)
8 Rings Rings Protection, spell effects Counterspelling, Protection 2,000 + 1,200
9-10 Body Hoop Skirt Multiple effects Robe of the Archmagi 37,500
11 Body Robe Multiple effects
12 Waist Corset Physical improvement +2 Con + (Belt of Battle) 2,000 + 6,000
13-15 Feet Garter Movement Levitation, +2 Dex (Fly, Wings of Air) 3,750 + 2000
16-17 Main hand tool Main weapon Weapon enchantments Wand?
18-20 Off hand tool Secondary weapon or shield Shield, weapon enchantments Free?