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World of d20d20 Modern Horror

The Iteration X are a convention of the Technocracy. They are mostly concerned with the development of new technologies such as cybernetics, robotics, artificial intelligence and weaponry, hence they are perceived as the 'shock troops' of the Technocracy. They are best known as the developers of two powerful cyborgs (HIT Marks and Cyber Tooth Tigers) as well as the magic-resistant alloy Primium.

Their name is derived from a mysterious intelligent super-computer in the umbral realm Autochthonia. The Technocracy were running an artificial intelligence program which became self-aware (sentient) at the X'th iteration of the program. This computer is now a guiding and ruling force in the convention. However, since the Iteration X has never been able to repeat the process, there is speculation that the computer has simply been inhabited by an umbral spirit of some description.

The general goal of the Iteration X is to merge man and machine, as they probably perceive this to be the key to Ascension. To achieve this, they make heavy use of brainwashing and mind-control tactics. They regularly capture brilliant scientists, and use torture and mind-wiping to keep them compliant.

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