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Many pages on this wiki have references to various sourcebooks. These are the Horrific Sources from which we have drawn inspiration, copied, or outright stolen stuff. Due to the nature of the OGL, many feats, spells, etc, are reused and republished in multiple sources. We cannot guarantee that whomever we attribute something to was the first to publish it.

Sources Referenced
Abbreviation Title Publisher
Mod d20 Modern Core Rulebook http://www.wizards.com/D20
UA Urban Arcana
WoT Wheel of Time
CC20 Call of Cthulhu d20
Fut d20 Future
Past d20 Past
SWSE Star Wars Saga Edition
UMF Ultramodern Firearms Green Ronin Publishing
MPC Modern Player's Companion http://www.thegamemechanics.com/
MAM Martial Arts Mayhem
FPC Future Player's Companion
CoC Call of Cthulhu http://www.chaosium.com
VtM Vampire: the Masquerade http://www.white-wolf.com
VtR Vampire: the Requiem
WtA Werewolf: the Apocalypse
WtF Werewolf: the Forsaken
MtA Mage: the Awakening
CtD Changeling: the Dreaming
CtL Changeling: the Lost
PtC Promethean: the Created
VDA Dark Ages: Vampire
KoE Kindred of the East
ICF Iconic Combat Feats Big Finger Games
TTC Talent Tree Compendium
DnW Deeds not Words
M20 Modern20

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