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In order to have horrific action, you need action points. Lots and lots of action points. And once you've become used to having them... the real horror begins.

Action Points

Action Points are that certain something that makes a hero a hero. That spark that causes someone to go out of their way to risk their life for their fellow man, whether fighting terrorists, drug smugglers or creatures of the night. It is also a measure of the power the very same creatures of the night.

Table: Action Dice
Level Action Dice
1-5 1d6
6-10 2d6
11-15 3d6
16-20 4d6

Action Points can perform the following functions:

  • Add the result of you Action Dice to any d20 roll (attack roll, skill check).
  • Add the result of you Action Dice to one of your defenses for one round.
  • Gain an immediate extra standard, move, or swift action.
  • Automatically inflict maximum damage on a successful attack.
  • Survive massive damage that brings you to 0 hp. You end up at 0 hp and unconscious.
  • Recover after combat. This heals your Action Dice + your level hit points.
  • Activate or enhance some talents, feats, or special abilities.
  • Negate one point of Taint.

The number of Action Dice you receive grows as your character gains in level as shown on the table. All dice are rolled and the highest is used.

Recovering Action Points

Your total number of Action Points is equal to 6 plus 1/2 your character level. Each time you gain a level your Action Points reset to your new total. Action Points do not carry over from level to level.

Between levels, there are several ways to recover Action Points including: going to aid of a contact or follower; going to aid of an Allegiance; the activation of a character disadvantage (if using disadvantages).

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