Holy Liberator (Dragonstar)

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The Holy Liberator is not sponsored by any particular god - though the cults of The Mother, The Stormlord, The Lover and The Trickster are friendly and offer shelter and aid. Many former clerics of these faiths become HolyLiberators.

Unlike paladins, Holy Liberators never form permanent orders, but during the three thousandyears of rule by chaotic good Dragon Emperors, the Holy Liberators gained a lot of presige and more or less a carte-blanche to interveine into anything they perceived as oppressive. Now Emperor Mezzenbone is trying to channel their activities against House Osorus and House Esmer, with little success. The ISPD hunts down Holy Liberators when they can get away with it, but their public image is still very powerful, and they often get much more access and cooperation than the newly revised laws really gives them.

New Class Skills: Demolitions (Int), Freefall (Dex), Pilot (Dex).

Celstial Companion: The celestial companion of a Holy Liberator has the same status as the familiar of a sorcerer or wizard. Still, few celestial companions serve as mounts in the imperium - that is just too unwieldy. However, HolyLiberators still have the option of learning the Ride and Handle Animal skills.

Prestige Classes