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Health in combat works according to the normal rules.

Afte the fight, each player and major NC that is hurt makes a simple endurance test. If this test succeeds, it was just some bruises or a minor flesh wound - remove all damage and only leave a minor bruise or bandage. If the roll fails, any wounds the character has taken are still halved.

If, after halving, the character would still remain unconcious he is severely injured and is likely to receive a scar. If still technically "dead", the injury is very nearly fatal and will give some permanent disability. Roll one die on this table:

Die Roll Immediate result Result after healing
1 Eye injury; blindness Loss of an eye; -1 Observation, Marksmanship and Gunnery
2 Head injury; unconciousness Loss of hearing; -2 Observation
3 Facial injury; unconciousness Disfigurement: -1 Charisma and related skills unless masked. +1 Leadership
4 Spinal injury; unconciousness Confined to wheelchair.
5 Arm mauled; cannot be used Simple prostetic limb lacks manipulation but can do simple tasks
6 Leg mauled; no walking Simple prostetic limb allows walking but not running

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