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This page deals with organization of content on Hastur.


We should probably try to limit the number of categories somewhat. It may not be feasible to have a category for rules a particular game master likes, or those that is used in a certain campaign. It is probably better to use a variant rules category. Perhaps it is better to have some sort of rating system. For example, the local cross class cost rule would have a gold star since it is used in all local campaigns.

Rating system or "approved by" templates?

Perhaps it is possible to generate a list of templates used rather than categories? This can perhaps be displayed as an "Approved by" section, and {{starfox}} might expand to:

Starfox uses this rule in his campaigns.

See the Approved template for an implementation of this idea.

d20 System

Organization of these rules should (at the very least) be able to accommodate Dungeons & Dragons, d20 Modern and Dragonstar. It would also be nice to copy the d20 and d20 Modern SRDs to this site.

  • Skills: Separate page.
  • Equipment: Separate pages by type, i.e. D&D weapons on one page, D&D equipment on another. It is easy to link to a section on a page, and stubs are nasty.

Thoughts about categories: Dynamic Page List can be used to generate pages with lists of feats, skills or spell. Pages can be tagged with categories such as these:

  • Skill
  • Feat
  • Spell
  • Class (perhaps Basic, Advanced, Prestige as well)
  • Fighter - for fighter bonus feats
  • Strong (or Strong hero) for Strong hero bonus feats
  • Metamagic - metamagic bonus feats.
  • D&D (or d20)?
  • d20 Modern
  • Dragonstar
  • SRD - for rules based on SRD or those that are unchanged
  • OGL
  • Variant - variants of existing rules.
  • Unofficial - for unofficial additions to the game, either local or plundered from the internet.

The suggested category names are short in order not to clutter up the category box. Display order should ideally make sense. Perhaps something like this:

Category: SRD | Feat | D&D | General | Fighter | D20 Modern | Strong | Soldier

Category: Variant | Feat | Dragonstar

Category: Unofficial | Feat | D&D

Section order

  1. Main content
  2. Notes (if any)
  3. Bibliography (if any)
  4. See also (if applicable)
  5. External links (if any)

See also

There are several d20 wikis online.