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By positioning yourself and objects around you in the proper alignment, you can channel positive energy flow, ch’i, to create magic.

Benefit: You gain the Cure and Defend arcana.

You can spend a minute to make sure a 10-ft. radius area’s energy is properly aligned. This requires a Wisdom check (DC 20). Once a location’s energy is properly aligned, the next spell you cast that has an area of effect that matches the purified area has its duration extended to one day. This does not increase the spell level or the spellcasting DC. At any given time you can have a number of spells equal to your Wisdom bonus with this extended duration. Attempts to create additional enduring spells in a day simply fail.

Rituals: The spellcasting area, at least a 10-ft. radius, must have proper energy, requiring a Wisdom check (DC 20) and one minute of aligning objects and creatures.

Mishaps: You channel sha, negative energy. An area centered on you with a radius of 5 ft. per 2 spell levels becomes negatively influenced. Creatures take a –1 penalty to all d20 rolls while in the area. This penalty lasts for a day, or until the area is purified.

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