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Euthanatos was a tradition of priests, moralists, and assassins.

The chilling Euthanatos center on the suffering of humanity, but theirs is the burden of that pain and its release. When no-one else will shoulder the weight of responsibility, the Euthanatos make a choice to end pain, cleanse corruption and destroy evil by accepting and administering death itself.[1]

The Euthanatos believe in a cycle of karma that dictates life, death, and reincarnation which they call the Great Wheel. They believe that certain persons can unbalance the Wheel for others (ie, serial killers, child molesters, drug dealers, persons in a vegetative state). Providing a necessary death for these people gives them a chance to be reincarnated with a clean slate, and removes the imbalance from the lives of others. The name Euthanatos reflects this belief: The Good Death (in the Greek language).

At the same time, there is a stigma against the Euthanatos among some of their contemporaries, due to their intimate knowledge and workings with death.

Also known as the Chakravanti (Tenders of the Wheel, singular: Chakravat).

Affinity Sphere: Entropy


Working closely with death any mage can succumb to the darker side of their nature. This will allow this to manifest physically in the form of Taint. Taint is a special kind of Entropic Resonance, garnered from too much interaction with death.

The Euthanatos are particularly noted for this, coming into such close contact with Entropic magic. A failure of even the most simple act, such as knowing the result of a dice roll, could have negative consequences. Euthanatos characters often keep an eye on each other, ready to administer the Good Death, should there be no other alternative.

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