Etheric Refrigeration (Oscariana invention)

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This device conducts the heat of normal material objects and transfers it into the ether. This makes for a very effective refrigeration device. At low reliabilities, this is mainly sueful to chill perishable goods; at higher reliabilities it can be used to protect craft travelling in lava, the molten rivers of sun-side Mercury, or even close to the sun itself.

An etheric refrigerator weights 1 ton and uses one point of power. It can chill 10 tons; either a craft of that size, or this amount of refrigerated cargo. It can chill greater mass to lesser effect; for every ten extra tons, reduce the reliability of the device by one.

The refrigeration is how much colder the refrigerated area is compared to what surrounds it. This device cannot chill anything below -270 C; the more powerful refrigerators are only usable to offset great heat.

Reliability Refrigeration Typical use
1 10 C Storing food, air conditoning
2 50 C Storing chemicals
3 250 C Freezing the air
4 1,250 C Travel through molten metal/lava
5 6,000 C Travel near the sun
6 30,000 C Travel into the sun