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Greyhawk for 4E


The good of hunting, archery, virginity, spring, renewal, and love of nature. Ehlonna is the eternal maiden, a close friend to animals and hunter of monsters. She is most commonly depicted as a human or elven maiden riding a unicorn, but she has allies among all the natural creatures of the wild. Her worshipers are adolescents, hunters, rangers, and non-evil monsters. Her tenets are:

  • Protect the unspoiled and innocent, both in nature and soul.
  • Live in harmony with the land, not taking more than you need or nature can provide.
  • Mercilessly stalk those who despoil nature or the innocent.

She is known as Ehlenestra among elves, as the god Phaukon among the Suel, and as Atroa the spring maiden among Oerdians. She has no famous exarchs.

Divine Renewal Feat Power
Hope revives the target.
EncounterDivine. Healing
Minor Action      Close Burst 5
Target: One unconscious ally in burst

Effect: The target can either make a saving throw or take a healing surge (your choice).