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There are 15 major and a handful of minor disciplines in Barsaive. Some of these disciplines map directly to a 4E class, others straddle the line or require extensive surgery to fit. One solution is to create custm classes for everything that doesn't map 1-to-1, but that's far too much work for me. Instead, I map disciplines to whatever class(es) and/or builds that seem to fit. Thus, some 4E classes can map to more than one discipline, and most disciplines correspond to more than one 4E class.


Discipline Classes
Air Sailor  ?
Archer Ranger (archer)
Beastmaster Ranger (beastmaster)
Cavalryman None
Elementalist Wizard
Illusionist Wizard
Nethermancer Warlock
Scout Ranger (two-weapon), Rogue?
Sky Raider Barbarian, Fighter (battlerager)
Swordmaster Warlord, Swordmage
Thief Rogue
Troubadour Bard
Warrior Fighter (any but battlerager), Warden?
Weaponsmith Artificer, Warlord?
Wizard Wizard


Passion Classes
Floraanus Cleric, Paladin