Dawn Council (Greyhawk 4E)

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Greyhawk for 4E
Notepad.png This is a work in progress.

Basically the social hierarchy of the City of Sasserine. Become a noble of Sasserine and her colonies, such as Farshore. Any mention of Sasserine includes her tributaries (currently none) and colonies.

Members: The Dawn Council favors Aristocrats and the Swashbucklers.

Scope: 11 (multiregional/duchy)


Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Character level +1/2 levels
Inherent 2
Hereditary Scion of Sasserine +1
‡ Hereditary district council† +3
Charisma 13 or higher +1
Acquired 3
5 or more ranks in Diplomacy +1
10 or more ranks in Diplomacy +1
5 or more ranks in Knowledge (Local) +1
10 or more ranks in Knowledge (Local) +1
Has the Steadfast Loyalty, Merchant's Tongue or Academy Graduate regional feat +1
Work 3
Married to someone in this affiliation (per 10 full points of affiliation score) +1
Per 40,000 gp (gp limit) of property in Sasserine or her colonies +1
Landowner +1
Spends one day/week conducting council affairs or socializing in high society +1
‡ Works full-time for the council† +1
Per 10 full points of affiliation score in The Azure Cathedral, The Club, The Merchant's Maze, The Spire of Sasserine, The Sun Lodge, Witchwardens, or Zelkarune's Horns (count only the highest one) +1
Adventure 2
Win a power struggle against a social equal in the affiliation +1
Lose a lot of face in the affiliation -1
Exposes a plot to harm Sasserine +1
Further City interests +1
‡Save Sasserine from major setback +2
‡Increase the overall wealth of the city +2
‡Save the city from conquest +4
Saves the life of a Lord/Lady of Sasserine or one who has a seat on the Dawn Council +1
Penalty 0
Associates with known enemies of Sasserine: current list includes Sea Princes and Scarlet Brotherhood -2
Found guilty of minor crime -2
‡ Strongly suspected of major crime -4
‡ Found guilty of major crime -8
‡ Strongly suspected of treason -15
‡ Found guilty of treason -30

† This bonus is not generally applicable to PCs. Does not count for balance purposes.

‡ Bonus not cumulative with others in the group or with the line above the group.


Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or lower Citizen: no benefits
4-10 High Citizen: You are considered a valuable citizen of Sasserine. As long as you maintain this status or higher, your crimes will be pardoned in Sasserine. Note that getting convicted makes you lose this standing very quickly. +2 circumstance bonus Gather Information in respectable Sasserine society, +1 leadership score for reputation.
11-20 Scion of Sasserine: Considered a minor noble. Gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Intimidate in Sasserine or when representing Dawn Council interests, +2 leadership score for reputation.
21-29 District Councilor: Take a seat on the dawn council; may bear a coat or arms. You and your descendants become Scions of Sasserine in perpetuity. Gain +2 circumstance bonus on Will saves made against enemies of Sasserine, +4 leadership score for reputation.
30 or higher Lord/Lady of Sasserine: Earn hereditary position as District Council as per the level above. The Dawn Council provides you with a villa and plantation; gain a 500 gp/month income and a +2 bonus to leadership score as a base. Must either spend 1 day a week attending to this business or have a trusted servant do so.