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Dark FutureDark Future

The year is 1995. The history is not our own. The American Dream has become the American Nightmare. Society is crumbling, the highways are owned by the gangs and war is waged against the Sanctioned Ops. Corporations with morals worse than the gangs pass for government. Chaos, they say, is here. And if that wasn’t bad enough, scientists are whispering about the laws of nature breaking down.

This is the Dark Future, an alternate reality where the United States—and indeed the rest of the world—is falling apart. Society is going to ruins, and the natural laws of physics are breaking down. The megacorps rule, technology runs rampant, and Sanctioned Ops patrol the roads and highways tracking down and destroying the Renegade scum who live there, outside of the law and doing what they please.

The Dark Future is a world of vehicle combat, gangcult violence and eldritch horror. It is the setting for a board games and a series of novels by Games Workshop. The Dark Future pages on this wiki are about the setting for use with roleplaying and skirmish games, and not about the board game.

Cover of Route 666, original printing.


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