Cyber (Xyberpunk)

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A short listing of the things we have thought up.


SDP for Cyberlimbs

Base SDP is a multiplier of apparent Body Type. Materials:

  • Plastic: x5
  • Orbital Alloys x6

Power system:

  • Basic servos: no effect
  • Myomar: +1 multiplier
  • Hydralic Rams: +2 multiple


  • Reinforced joints: +1 multiplier

SDP by location:

  • Torso 100% SDP
  • Limbs 80 % SDP
  • Head 50% SDP


Mayer Anorexiaware

Lowers the apparent body. Useful to disguise grafted muscle and stuff like that. Nano.

  • Apparant body - 1 2000$ 1d6 HL
  • Apparant body - 2 4000$ 2d6 HL
  • Apparant body - 3 10000$ 3d6 HL

Newline neural processor

Enabels the user to preform a separe action with an other limb with no penalties for multiaction. Example: a strike and a kick at the same time. cyber

  • 10000$ 3d6 HL

Newline spider

An extension to the newline neural processor developed for use with extra arms. Gives the user the ability to preform the same action with the lover arms as the upper without a multiaction penalty. cyber

  • 12000$ 2d6 HL

Compartmentalized organs. (organweave)

Enchases the organs and bloodvessels of the user in a skinweave like substanse that absorbs damage. It lovers the damage after penetrating armour and determening woundlevel. It cannot lover the woundlevel below serious but it can lower a Dead result to a serious and so on. The organweve reduces damage in headwounds just as effective som double he amount deducted from damage. Note this deduction is carried out after the doubling of damage for headshots. It comes in 2 diffrent versions. Nano.

  • Damage -4; 7000$ 2d6 HL
  • Damage -8 12000$ 3d6 HL

Reflex Rig

Enhances the users reflexes above the maximum human possible by means of supercunductor neves being sugically inplanted. Sets REF to a fixed value. Cyber

  • REF 10; Cost: 50,000$; HL: 4d6
  • REF 11; Cost: 100,000; HL: 5d6
  • REF 12; Cost:140,000; HL: 6d6
  • REF 13; Cost:185,000; HL: 7d6
  • REF 14; Cost:200,000; HL: 8d6
  • REF 15; Cost:250,000; HL:9d6