Conversion Manual (Dragonstar)

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New Dragonstar Class Skills

The new skill from Dragonstar have to be class skills for some of these prestige classes. The easiest way is to derive these skills from the exisiting skill list. A class fulfilling the prerequisites in collumn two will have the corresponding skill from column one as a class skill.

Cryptography Int Decipher Script
Demolitions Int
Freefall Dex Base Attack bonus 3/4 or better
Handle Animal Cha Only keep Handle Animal if you also have Wilderness Lore
Navigate Int All Knowledge skills
Pilot Dex Ride
Repair Int Disable Device
Research Wis Two or more Knowledge skills
Ride Dex Only keep Ride if you also have Wilderness Lore
Urban Lore Wis Gather Information or Wilderness Lore
Use Device Int Open Lock

Prestige Classes