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World of d20d20 Modern Horror

The Conspiracy skill replaces Knowledge (current events, history), when applied to the hidden world.

Conspiracy (Int)

You make a Conspiracy check to remember useful information about a significant person, organization, or event. Making a Conspiracy check usually doesn't require an action-either you know the answer or you don't. Conspiracy deals with the 'hidden' world that most people are unaware of -- mages, vampires, the Bavarian Illuminati, Area 51, etc.

Expert Knowledge (Trained Only): You can make a swift action to answer a related question that requires some level of expertise. The DC varies from 15 (for simple questions) to 25 (for tough questions).

Examples: Remember the basics of a significant event (easy); identify symbols or general goals of a cryptic alliance or other secret organization (moderate); remember the details of a significant event (moderate); remember a story that provides a clue to your current situation (hard).

Retry: None.

Modern Horror

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