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Oscariana characters are created as in Space 1889. The difference between Swedish and British society is largely ignored.

Heroes of the Age

All player characters will soon be recognized as the epitome of Scandinavian youth. This means that Social Standing will be less limiting that in most campaigns. Even characters of low standing can rise to prominent positions and either get rich patrons or earn resources for themselves.


All skills that do not otherwise have a starting value have a starting value of one. This means that most skills start one point higher than normal. Cascade skills start at half the value of the major cascade, or 1, whichever is higher.


Players can freely distribute a total of 21 attribute points in the range 2-5. Only one characteristic of 1 and one of 6 is allowed, and if you have one, you must have the other. Social Class will not be as limiting a factor as it often is in other campaigns; this is a time when anyone can rise to prominence.