Challenge of Champions II

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Marines 101 is sent to defend the corps honor in the next installment of Challenge of Champions: Challenge of Champions II!

Scenario 1 - Cafe seat.

Maneuver across a risky chess board. The team combines the rune tiles to realize blue squares are safe, red squares dangerous, and a vague hint about that middle tiles were to be avoided.

After keeping on blue tiles along the side, the team looks under the chair and learns a rune that is rumoured to be useful later.

Scenario 2 - Tow pests or dwarf

Brave the raging river and resque the wounded dwarf A wounded dwarf is locked into one of two chests, and the resque and keys is on the other side of a raging river, with just a rope powered boat to get across in.

Through the use of the rune from the chess scenario, the team guesses on what chest contains the dwarf. The party transports itself and the chests across the river and unlocks the dwarven chest, thus saving his life!

Scenario 3 - Runt girth

The team leaps to action, maneuver over two pits and measure the girth of the pig. Raz is about to fall into the pit as the team evacuates, but is saved by his reflexes and a joint effort of the team.

Scenario 4 - Net Dan there

The wizards nets the ram and earns her wizard ring!

Scenario 5 - Capes shout

The team maneuvers above the floor, looting capes. The rouge earns his ring.

Scenario 6 - Eon pets

The team avoids a pair of Dire wolfs. Turning the boat turns out to be the turning point.

Scenario 7 - Thorn stew

The team is captured in a cage above the Frost Giant thorn stew. The warrior saves the party from a ghastly fate in a giant stew and earns his ring.

Scenario 8 - Hornets at Evens.

The priest is given a chance to earn his ring. The priest ring is in the even chest, and the spell to control the hornets is in the odd chest. But which is which?

Even and odd chest is identified, the spell ring is retrieved, but alas! our plan to neutralize the hornets fails! The hornets ravages the party, and everyone is taken out. No points; disaster lurks.

Scenario 9 - Space and post

Round and round it goes. The team maneuvers boldly on a pair of poles and a stout tree trunk, and gets the medical supply across.

Scenario 10 - Reuse rat bowel

Treasure hunt! Running around according to hints of scenario names on a 15x15 square, locating the hidden treasure! The manic maneuvers yields a pixie statue!


In the end, 360 points is enough for ... 5th place! Bummer. The team sulks as bad losers and drown their sorrows during the party.