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Hidden categories are created by using __HIDDENCAT__ on a category page. That category is not listed on pages thus categorised. However, hidden categories can be made visible by ticking the item Show hidden categories in the "Misc" section in the user's preference. They can be made visible or invisible through CSS.

Hidden categories are added to this category automatically.

Use on this wiki

Hidden categories are used for DPL page selection without cluttering up the ordinary catgeory list.


Ordinary categories are essentially a list of pages, and so have a plural name (e.g., Feats). When using hidded categories as tags for DPL page selection, they are use as keyword for a single page. By giving such catergory names in singular, name collisions can be avoided or at least reduced. Thus, Ritual (singular) might be used for a hidden category ("tag"), while Rituals (plural) is a better name for a regular category.

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