Biomorph Feats (Dragonstar)

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Biomorph feats are used to represent the varying abilities of the Zerg and other Swarm creatures. Higher (eviolved) Zerg can have one or more Biomorph Feats.

A better option is probably to implement these as Bioware, the biotech equivalent of Spellware.

Acid Blood

(Biomorph Feat) The creature's blood has been altered so that, if wounded, it can cause damage to its foes. This Biomorph is often given to mighty Carnifexes, increasing their already-supreme prowess. Effect: When hit (Before damage is dealt), all creatures in the squares threatened by the Tyranid facing the attacker take 4d6 acid damage, Reflex Save (10+1/2 Tyranid's HD+ its Con modifier) for half damage.

Adrenaline Sacs

(Biomorph Feat) The Tyranid has a store of adrenaline that it can use to sharpen its reflexes to a preternatural level for a short period of time. Effect: The creature may activate the adrenaline as a free action, and acts as if hasted for the next 10 rounds. The creature may do this once a day.

Aura of Torment

(Biomorph Feat) The Tyranid continuosly projects a psychic aura of pure alien hostility which disturbs and disprupts enemies. Effect: All non-Tyranid in a 100' burst centered on the creature have a -2 Morale penalty to attack rolls, Will saves, and damage rolls. All spellcasters or psions inside the Aura must roll a Concentration check (DC 15+Spell or power level) to cast a spell or manifest an ability.

Bio-Plasma Attack

(Biomorph Feat) Thanks to a secondary stomach full of energy and acids, the creature can release a blast of superheated bio-plasma. Effect: Effectively a breath weapon. Cone 40 feet long, Save DC (10+ 1/2 Creature's HD + its Con modifier) , deals 8d10 Fire damage.

Enhanced Senses

(Biomorph Feat) The Tyranid has incredibly acute senses of sight, smell, and hearing. Effect: The creature has a +10 Competence modifier on Spot, Listen, and Search checks.

Flesh Hooks

(Biomorph Feat) The creature has an altered rib cage that includes sharpened hooks that can be launched with a sharp muscle contraction. Effect: The hooks deal 1d4 damage. Flesh Hooks have a range increment of 15 feet, and when used to grapple, may, with a successful grapple check, be used to drag a creature 20 feet a round straight towards the creature. Also, the creature gains the equivalent of the Improved Grab ability for Flesh Hooks only.

Hardened Carapace

(Biomorph Feat) The creature's exoskeleton has been hardened and reinforced to better protect it. Effect: Increase the creature's Natural Armor by +5.

Null Zone

(Biomorph Feat) The creature can unconsciously wield a little of the Hive's power in order to avoid harmful spells. Effect: The creature gains SR and PR equal to 15+It's HD.

Optic Membrane

(Biomorph Feat) The creature has a secondary eyelid, called a nictating membrane, that protects its eyes and sharpens its vision. Effect: The creature can see in darkness, even unnatural darkness, and cannot be blinded by light spells or bright flashes of natural light.


(Biomorph Feat) The creature recovers from even the most horrendous of wounds. These minor inconveniences knit up seconds after they occur. Effect: The Creature gains Regeneration 5. Acid can still do normal damage.

Toughened Exoskeleton

(Biomorph Feat) The creature's exoskeleton has been hardened to make it more durable and difficult to damage. Effect: The creature gains DR 5/-

Sharpened Claws

(Biomorph Feat) The creature's natural weapons are extraordinarily long and sharp. Effect: The creature gains a +2 enhancement bonus to damage with its natural weapons and ignores all DR when attacking with those weapons.

Venom Sacs

(Biomorph Feat) The creature has sacs of corrosive venom under its claws and fangs. Effect: Gains the following ability: Poison (Ex):Natural Weapon hits, Fortitude Save (DC 10+ 1/2 the creature's HD + its Constitution Modifier); Initial Damage 1d6 Constitution, secondary damage 2d6 Constitution.

Voltage Field

(Biomorph Feat) The creature is wreathed by a coruscating field of electrical power that dissipates the power of hits and give the creature's natural attacks a powerful charge. Effect: The creature gains a Deflection AC bonus equal to 1/2 its HD, rounded up. In addition, all its natural attacks deal an addition 1d6 Electrical damage.

Warp Field

(Biomorph Feat) The creature is surrounded by a field of psychic energy that lessens the kinetic energy of attacks directed against it.


First incarnation of these rules taken from a Warhammer 40K D20 article about The Tyranid Swarm by Berserk_Seraph.