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Didn't see these listed, but they're a lot of fun. These are for toggle powers. The basic idea is that you can cause a toggle power to be active while you're holding down a button, and stop when you release the button. The basic format for this is:

/bind key "+down$$powexec_name TogglePowerName"

If you use Sprint, for example, and bind it to S, you will be sprinting whenever you hold down S, and you will stop sprinting when you let go. Note that this works for all directional powers, not just +down, but +down doesn't cause you to move, so it's useful in a wider variety of circumstances than the others.

You can also do

/bind key "+down$$powexec_name TogglePower1$$powexec_name TogglePower2"

This has a different effect; it turns on TogglePower2 as long as you hold down the button, and it turns on TogglePower1 as long as you don't hold down the button, which is really cool.

This can be used to do some nifty things. Super Speeders can try this:

/bind w "+forward$$powexec_name Super Speed"

This causes Super Speed to start up automatically when you start holding down w, and turn itself off when you stop moving.

This is the best thing to do with you inspiration. It will use a certain inspiration when you hit an F key (example: F1=Health). It will use the biggest one first ('Take a Breather' before 'Catch a Breath'). If you want it the other way. Littlest first. reverse the order on the inspiration

F1 "tell $name, <scale .6><bgcolor green><color red>Health$$inspexec_name Respite$$inspexec_name Dramatic Improvement$$inspexec_name resurgence"
F2 "tell $name, <scale .6><bgcolor blue><color orange>Endurance$$inspexec_name Catch a Breath$$inspexec_name Take a Breather$$inspexec_name Second Wind"
F3 "tell $name, <scale .6><bgcolor purple><color yellow>Defense$$inspexec_name Luck$$inspexec_name Good Luck$$inspexec_name Phenomenal Luck"
F4 "tell $name, <scale .6><bgcolor red><color green>Damage$$inspexec_name Enrage$$inspexec_name Focused Rage$$inspexec_name Righteous Rage"
F5 "tell $name, <scale .6><bgcolor yellow><color purple>Accurate$$inspexec_name Insight$$inspexec_name Keen Insight$$inspexec_name Uncanny Insight"
F6 "tell $name, <scale .6><bgcolor black><color white>Discipline$$inspexec_name Discipline$$inspexec_name Strength of Will$$inspexec_name Iron Will"

The quest for a weapon drawing key is over! I've implemented this for the ~~ key (since that key's never done notihing for nobody) and it works great! I will use this with all my weapon-bearing characters.

/bind tilde "powexec_abort$$unselect$$powexec_name [your power name here]"