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City of HeroesCity of Heroes logo

F1 "say The webs tingle... $target!<bgcolor yellow>$$emote attack"
F2 "say Bunch up! <bgcolor yellow>$$emote stop"
F3 "say Tired now! Resting!<bgcolor yellow><color black>$$emote RaiseHand"
F4 "say Pulling $target, hide! <bgcolor yellow>$$emote BigWave"
F5 "local Free for all attack on $target!$$emote Attack"
F7 "say <color white><bgcolor green>Ready and lurking...$$emote laugh"
F9 "say Hi $target! I am $name, a level $level $origin spider $archetype. Please stay in my webs... $$emote lecture"
F10 "local Yo $target, way to go!$$emote wave"
F11 "local Wow $target, you are really into the superhero spirit!$$emote wavefist
F12 "local Sexy, $target!$$emote whistle"
C "powexec_name Sprint$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Fly"
LSHIFT+C "autorun 0$$powexec_name Fly$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Brawl$$powexec_abort"
F "follow$$tell $target, Im hanging in a thread behind you."
CTRL+L "show chat$$beginchat /bind_load_file G:\Games\CoH\binds\xora.txt"
N "local No way!"
P "say $target is the bait$$emote attack"
SHIFT+P "local Boombox!$$emote boombox"
Shift+V "say The enemy is cocooned and defeated!$$say $battlecry$$emote victory"
Y "local Yes, sure thing.<color white><bgcolor green>$$emote nod"