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I use the following keybinds for all my heroes. Hero specific dialgoue is stored in macro buttons.


Files are stored in a separate directory. The following files are used:



  • Reset cam distance - good for setting ip camaera to take sreenshots in combat (C).
  • Reload keybinds - complete with animation and message (CTRL+L).
  • Autorun is truned off when a movement key is pressed.
  • 'Click' AFK bubble when screenshot is taken. Nifty, but not obtrusive like emote or tell.
  • Ability to take screenhot with or withlut user interface (SysRq and Pause).
  • Ability to hide or show user interface using same button (U)

Work in Progress

I am working on a perl script to build dialogue loops. This will allows me to alternate the speech and emotes for standard dialoge. Fairly complete as of 2004-07-04, but I need to polish the file generation functionlity.



A "+left$$autorun 0"
B "camreset$$camdist 13"
C "camdist 13"
D "+right$$autorun 0"
E "unselect$$toggle_enemy"
F1 "say <color black><bgcolor #22aa22>Yes!$$emote thumbsup"
F2 "say <color white><bgcolor red>No!$$emote no"
F3 "say <color black><bgcolor #aaaa22>Wait!$$emote stop"
F4 "say $target spotted!$$emote point"
F5 "say I am ready to attack $target!"
F6 "local <color white><bgcolor red>RUN!"
F7 "say <color black><bgcolor #22aa22>Ready!$$emote thumbsup"
F8 "local <color black><bgcolor #aaaa22>HELP!$$emote whistle"
F9 nop
F10 "say $battlecry$$emote attack"
F11 nop
F12 nop
M "map"
N "nop"
P "power"
CTRL+L "bind_load_file D:\COH\Binds\urbblo.txt$$emote afk$$afk Reading key bindings.."
PAUSE "screenshotui 1$$screenshot$$screenshotui 0"
Q "quickchat"
R "++autorun"
S "+backward$$autorun 0"
SYSRQ "screenshot$$afk CLICK!"
T "nop"
U "bind_load_file D:\COH\Binds\ui-hide.txt"
W "+forward$$autorun 0"

Hide user interface

These files are loaded by the U button in order to toggle the user interface on and off. Good if you want to take screnshots with emotes or hero names (Pause key in my binds), but do not the windos.


U nop$$show_fps 1$$show nav$$show chat$$show target$$show tray$$bind U bind_load_file D:\COH\Binds\ui-hide.txt


U nop$$show_fps 0$$hide nav$$hide chat$$hide target$$hide tray$$bind U bind_load_file D:\COH\Binds\ui-show.txt